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I found Markesina on 2022 because there are many well positioned agencies but I saw the clients needed a more personalized and tailor made service, there is so much choice online and so many conflicts of interest, that it is difficult when you don't live in a place or you don't have so many time to find a trustworthy person who looks after you and offers you a selected proposal that exactly cover your needs and return on investment. This is what we offer - we represent the buyer,  we protect their interests and our goal is to find the best property in the whole market, off the market, anywhere. We get this property for the best possible conditions, protecting, saving time, money and worries. We also use our network and collaborate with local professionals to offer you an integral service - Here lies the big difference.

Cristina Pampín - Real Estate Agent

Cristina Pampín

CEO  & Founder

“We travel to Barcelona to visit the selection of properties. We have had a very full schedule and visited more than 20 apartments, but we managed to find the perfect property and investment for our Golden Visa in less than a week."
Lily & Michael,  China

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